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"Dualities of the Body"

The Yin & Yang of martial arts is an eternal back and forth between 

success and failure. Finding a balance will define you.


Levels Skateboards



7 ply Canadian Maple

Steep Concave

8 x 32 ---SOLD OUT

8.125 x 32 --SOLD OUT

8.25 x 32 

8.5 x 32 --SOLD OUT


Artist Series:



*hang this deck in your room, office, home gym, or academy - skateboard at your own risk

Dualities Of The Body

  • NO refunds, NO returns, Skateboard at your own risk, created for art,

    7 ply Canadian Maple, Steep Concave, Made in the USA 

    size: ( 8 x 32, 8.125 x 32, 8.25 x 32, 8.5 x 32)

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